Founder of Work Brighter

Brittany Berger is the founder of, a digital media company that helps productive unicorns go beyond working smarter to a version of productivity that makes room for “unproductive” things like rest, self-care, and fun. 

She started Work Brighter after 5 years of working in high stress startups that prioritized hustle, growth, and scaling over self-care and mental health. Now that she’s changed her own mindset, she spends her time helping other high achievers define balance for themselves, advocating for mental health awareness, and dancing…always dancing. 


Elley Mae and The Becoming Boss Society)

Elley is a Business & Mindset Coach for Side-Hustlers at Elley Mae and The Becoming Boss Society.

She is a chai latte enthusiast, animal lover & business coach for side-hustlers. She’s passionate about helping aspiring female entrepreneurs to turn their side-hustles into full-time businesses, so they can do what they love, every single day!


Founder of styled stock society

Elle is a product stylist, photographer, crazy dog mom, and host of the Revenue on Repeat Summit. When she’s not styling and shooting photos for the Styled Stock Society – a stylish stock photography membership for women entrepreneurs, she helps other women create, launch, and grow subscription businesses so that they can spend less time working, and more time living!

In her “free” time, she’s also the human behind the Instagram-famous pup @mochiandthecity (who is far more popular than she’ll ever be).

Elizabeth Goddard

Email/Online Business Strategist and ConvertKit Certified Expert

Elizabeth Goddard is a Email/Online Business Strategist and was personally invited to become one of the first four ConvertKit Certified Experts.

When she’s not supporting online business owners to dream bigger, reconnect with their message and implement faster, you can probably find her watching trashy TV and answering ConvertKit questions on Facebook.

Melanie Hernquist

Founder and Creator of
Lucky and Lovely

Melanie Hernquist is an entrepreneur and designer with a mission to help fellow women entrepreneurs build
businesses they love — while bringing other women along for the journey. She seeks to be a force for good
and a creator of communities where women can change lives through entrepreneurship. 

Her latest venture,
the Beauty Boss Collective, is designed to help you show up online and in person as the best possible version of yourself — and create massive results in your business.


Social Media Strategist AT
Savvy Social School

Andrea has worked with hundreds of small businesses, startups, and podcasters since 2014 by helping them create social media strategies that save them time and amplify their message.

She’s also the host of the Savvy Social Podcast, a weekly show for budding entrepreneurs and she’s the founder of Social Media for Podcasts, a social media agency for podcasters by podcasters.


Systems Strategist/Ops
Manager at miss #gsd

Lanie is the systems strategist/ops manager at Miss #GSD.

She helps overwhelmed creative bosses quit crying in the shower. Lanie uses systems to empower women who are done giving up their best time, focus and energy into their never-ending To Do lists which aren’t exactly filled with the work they got into business to be doing in the first place.



PR Strategist for Entrepreneurs at

Brittney is a PR & Online Marketing Strategist for online entrepreneurs worldwide. She has nearly 10 years of experience working in the online marketing industry and has a passion for helping others grow their reach, revenue, and impact through strategic PR.

Brittney has landed clients in U.S. News & World Report, Huffington Post, Glamour, Brit & Co, Bustle, BuzzFeed, and PopSugar to name a few.

Nicole Jackson Miller

Founder of The Project Designer Company + Mentor to Service-Based Business Owners

Nicole Jackson Miller is the Founder of The Project Designer Company, an advising and educational platform that supports CEOs, team members and service-providers in building a business and career that they love without burning out! 

Through working at major TV Networks in NYC for over 8 years, Nicole understands what it takes to lead a business and team to greatness and she helps her clients do just that!


Sales + Launch Copywriter

Elli is a Sales + Launch Copywriter for coaches and creative entrepreneurs. 

She has written for clients from solopreneurs to best selling authors, and uses the power of copywriting to help her clients boldly declare their value and attract their ideal clients. Learn how copywriting can help you sell with easy and empathy at


Founder & CEO of
Classy Career Girl

Anna is the founder of Classy Career Girl, named by Forbes as one of the top 35 most influential career sites of 2014.

She helps millions of women design and launch their dream careers, businesses, and lives through her website, membership sites and social media channel





Opt in Strategist and
Template Designer

Vanessa is an opt in strategist with a love for digital products and launching, and making it all seem not so scary. Most importantly, she helps women entrepreneurs turn strangers into fast friends, future clients and customers using opt ins.

People who love her most call her the Opt in Queen because she has helped over 4,000 entrepreneurs with free canva and adobe templates and training that help them actually make more profit in their business.

Opt in superpowers aside, she can be found being covered in glitter and play doh ever so happily by her toddler (aka, the muse).


Graphic Designer at Alexa B. Creative & Design

Alexa is the graphic designer behind Alexa B. Creative & Design, a studio for creative and service-based entrepreneurs who want to confidently take their business to the next level.

Since 2016, she has helped hundreds of creatives elevate their brand and provided design support as they launch new products and offerings.

Nevica Vazquez

Business Strategist + Founder of the Collaboration Catalyst

Nevica is the founder of the Collaboration Catalyst. A membership community for women B2B owners who want to collaborate with one another to get in front of their ideal clients. 

After a year of only getting in front of new audiences through collaborations – because she stopped posting on social media, she still had her most profitable year of business. And now she helps other women B2B owners reach their best potential customers with collaborations, inside, the Collaboration Catalyst community.


Email Marketing Copywriter at Aleia Walker Creative, LLC

Aleia is an email marketing copywriter who crafts email marketing and tech funnels for busy creatives who don’t have time to figure out where all the pieces go.

She’s a word and data nerd who loves getting in the weeds and coming back and presenting you the goods. With a degree in Creative Writing, she’s found a way to blend my love for nice things to create experiences that move customers and clients into action and puts more profits into your pockets.